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Un secolo con Camus

di Federico Sollazzo (

Si riporta di seguito l'Abstract della Relazione The Critical Reception of Camus in Italy: The mare nostrum as Sight for the tempus nostrum, tenuta da Federico Sollazzo al Convegno internazionale Les visages de la réception européenne de l’œuvre d’Albert Camus, svoltosi presso l'Università ELTE di Budapest (Ungheria), nel 2013.

The critical reception of Camus in Italy, mainly underlines the Mediterranean mark of the Camusian thought. In the last years are appeared in Italy several works on Albert Camus and all of them point out this feature: the “Thought at the Meridian”, a sign that crosses the entire Work of the Author, since the first works of success, as Le Myhte de Sisyphe and, of course, L’Homme révolté, in which the last chapter is entirely dedicated to this theme.
One century after the birth of Camus, I would like to offer a review of these Italian critical interpretations of the French thinker.

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