martedì 19 maggio 2015

Brief Remarks on the Pasolini’s Conception of “Anthropological Mutation”

by Federico Sollazzo (

As it is known, Pasolini elaborated the conception of “anthropological mutation” in the last years of his life – before his assassination the 2nd of November 1975 – especially through publicistic articles on the major newspapers of the period, that are now contained, in Italy, in the books Lettere luterane and Scritti corsari, and of which the unfinished Petrolio represents the transposition in mythic form. Really, the first thing that we have to point out is that this concept is not isolated in his last writings, but it is related to other main concepts, expressed with particular formulas, such as, “classical anthropology”, “cultural genocide”, “new prehistory”, “after-history”; all terms that are referred, in fact, to the socio-anthro-cultural phenomenon of the “anthropological mutation”.
Now, I don’t wish to expose this conception – to understand which is necessary to insert it into the whole thought, works, and cultural background of the author –, but to have a preliminary operation that is propaedeutic to the comprehension of the same: clarifying some possible misunderstandings about.