martedì 5 aprile 2016

Marcuse and Habermas: Perspectives in Critical Theory

Lecture by Federico Sollazzo
The Critical Theory of Society, that address of thought arisen by the so-called School of Frankfurt, seems to be very suited in describing the nowadays social situation. However, notwithstanding the presence of a common ground, in the Critical Theory of Society – and the same is for the School of Frankfurt as Institution – we find different perspectives and thought’s articulations, sometimes very far from each other.
We can find a very interesting divergence in the transition between the so-called first and second phase of the Institute for Social Research of Frankfurt, that corresponds to two different approaches in Critical Theory. These perspectives can be exemplified comparing the work of Herbert Marcuse and that of Jürgen Habermas.
My aim here is to show how this comparison is not a mere academic exercise. Far from it, the aftermaths of such a comparison – that on its core is between a substantive and a formal idea of man – can enlighten our individual and social choices.
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University of Szeged, Faculty of Arts, Dept. of English Studies, classroom V. Friday 8. Apr., 12 p.m.

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